How do we work together?

So how do we work together? What do you need to do to get what you need done?

I use a 6-stage process I call Get Ahead Content Creation. And it’s a straightforward process:

  • You tell me what you want posted online and to where
  • You provide me with the raw material on an ongoing basis
  • I transform the raw material into the posts you need for different platforms

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the process.

1. Before All

Nothing you publish online should be going out into the world without a reason to exist.

Everything you publish needs to have an end result, e.g., Encourage a discovery call, get people to join your newsletter, etc.

We discuss this beforehand, so we can create a plan/content strategy on the types of topics to create.

2. What and Where

You need to tell me where you post, how often you post and what content you want out there. Here are some examples:

  • Regular video on your YouTube channel and blog
  • Regular weekly posts to 2 social media platforms
  • Updates to your blog then shared to 2 social media platforms
  • Promoting your podcast with snippets to 2 social media platforms
  • New blog posts to get new subscribers to your email newsletter

Whatever you need help with, let me know so we can discuss how I can help you move forward.

3. Get Raw

Once we know the end outcome, next you will provide me with all the raw material I’d need, on an ongoing basis, to help me create the end items you need. This can be:

  • Existing videos inc. webinars
  • Existing audio files
  • Past copy, articles, white papers
  • Research in your field, both online and in print
  • Half-finished drafts, works-in-progress, abandoned projects
  • Past ebooks, lead magnets
  • Content ideas (provided as voice notes)
  • Images for posts

Regarding the voice notes, these would be done on your phone. You then send me these audio files as MP3s, and I will transcribe them into text form. I can also transcribe video into text.

Don’t have time to do any research or find images? No problem! I can do the research and find images for you.

3. Realise

This is where I go away and produce the content from the raw material provided. The type of help I provide you depends on the type of content you need. My skills include:

  • Editing video
  • Transcribing audio
  • Copy editing
  • Copywriting (for the web, not sales copywriting)
  • Make sure content is engaging for the reader
  • Formatting content so it meets market requirements
  • Image sourcing

4. Review

You get the chance to review my work-in-progress and get to make any suggestions and changes.

5. Revise

The work-in-progress is revised, based on your input, and then finished. You will approve the finished work before it goes out into the world.

6. Upload

The finished content is then uploaded to the platforms you specified in Stage 2.

If there is any internal linking needed, I will do so at this point.


What project management system do you use?

We’ll be working together using a free online software called Trello. You will be invited to open a free Trello account during the onboarding stage that comes after the contract has been signed and initial payment has been received.

For social media, do you do the engagement too?

No. I don’t do the engagement, respond to comments on your behalf, or social media channel management. That would be your responsibility.

My sole service is content creation.

What if I want my website copy changed, as well, can you do that too?

Yes. I provide website copywriting. Please see the Services page for more details.

I need some guidance on my content, not just your creation service. Is that something you do?

Yes. We will have a briefing before any work begins, as I will need to plan the content strategy with you.

If you’re looking for content coaching or mentoring, or need a Power Hour, I can provide that too. Make sure to check out my Services page for more details.