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How can I be sure the work you do won’t affect the voice of my brand? It’s important that my content reflects my company’s values.

I understand. And that’s why you have my complete reassurance that the tone of your work will stay intact. I’m not here to undermine what you do.

Any finished content always goes through a review process, before it’s uploaded to the web or where needed. That review process involves you. You need to check through the work, before anything is released online.

You are always involved with what I do. Our work together is a collaboration.

Do you do SEO?

No, I don’t.

While I do add SEO-friendly titles to blog posts, I’m not an SEO business.


What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with coaches, trainers, and changemakers, those who want to help make a specific difference to people’s lives through education and empowerment. They already have 1-2-1 clients and are moving in the direction of wanting to be seen as a go-to expert in their field.

How established must a client be business-wise before working with you?

They need to have been self-employed in their current business 4+ years and can demonstrate that this is a working business, that they have clients, and that their process works. The client must have testimonials and a live website, as well as using a platform for posting content online.

They also must have worked as an employee or freelancer, for 10+ years, prior to going self-employed.

I don’t work with graduates straight out of university, students, part-time business owners, or business owners one year into their business. I also don’t work with coaches who have a certification from an academy only and think this is enough for them to call themselves a coach.

What does a client need to have in place before they work with you?

A client needs to have 1-2-1 clients and a live website, and must already be posting content online.

If they don’t have clients, I don’t work with them.

Do I need to be fluent in English?

No. If you use English in your business, but it’s not your first language, then that’s fine, I can work with you.

Does my website need to be in English?

Yes, I only work in the English language.

You’re British. Can you work with American English too?

Yes, I can. I can work with American text and ensure all spelling and grammar is written in American English.

Does my website need to be live on the web to work with you?

Yes. If you don’t have a website, I can’t help you.

I don’t have a website, just a social media profile. Can we still work together?

No, I don’t work with professionals who use Instagram, a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile as their main business website.

I also don’t work with professionals who use their website as an advertisement for what they do.

Additional information

What if, as our work progresses, I’d like to add more features/ideas to our project? Is that okay?

You can.

But since these new features will be outside of our agreed work, each one would be charged as extra. Payment for each extra must be received upfront before the extra work can take place.

And to avoid any workload overload, any additional work will also be started after the original agreed work has been completed.

If I want to change the direction of our work once it’s started, is that okay?

It is, but it will be subject to the work already agreed upon and what payment’s been made.

Whatever the new direction is, any new work decided will then be charged, with payment expected upfront before the new direction can begin.

How do you prefer payment?

Payment is monthly.

You’ll receive an invoice for the first month and a contract before we start. Only on receipt of the first payment (plus a signed contract) is when work can truly begin and not before.

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