Are you feeling frustrated…

  • When it comes to sharing your message online and beyond?
  • To telling your story of how you help make a difference to people’s lives?
  • To getting the word out about what you do?

Have you chosen to market yourself by using a blog, social media, or video, but then finding it hard to stick with it?

You don’t really want to be creating all this stuff. It’s not why you’re a creative, trainer or changemaker.

You haven’t got the time, the energy or the passion. Unfortunately, to get people to trust you and hire you, you know you HAVE to do it.

It’s just a struggle.

You know that to build your brand and audience, you need to be visible.

You need to be consistent in your output.

It’s hard to do this.

You might even be falling behind.

It can be a headache trying to turn your ideas into text, video or audio. It’s not as simple as writing or recording something then uploading it, is it?

All of it takes a lot of concentration and effort to do!

You’ve also got client work to do, and you’ve got to bring in new business.

You might also be spending more time on your business than you really would like.

Evenings and weekends with loved ones? If only.

You just want to be out there empowering people

And I don’t blame you if you feel like that.

You didn’t go self-employed to fiddle around with content all day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who can take your ideas from you, and transform them into the end content you want (without you doing any of the tedious stuff yourself)?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your evenings and weekends back again?

That’s where I come in.

By your side

Hi, I’m Tom Wong. I’m originally from London and currently based in Portugal. I’ve been working for myself online since 2011, after more than 15 years freelancing in editing, web work and project management, knowledge which I bring to you now. I’ve worked with solopreneurs in the last few years, and have also built an online business.

And like you, I understand the day-to-day stresses that come from staying on top of your marketing while putting out work that matters.

The work can start to pile up, if you’re not careful, procrastination can set in, and nothing ever feels done.

With me by your side, as your content ally and accountability, I will help you create all the content you need, so you can start moving forward with sharing your story online.

This includes social media content and video, plus any web copy you’re working on.

I’m passionate about clarity and customer-friendly communication, and I’m also a bit of a geek when it comes to creating high quality content. So you can feel reassured your work not only feels great to you, and what you want to say, but also makes sense to your target audience.

I also keep up-to-date with ongoing changes to the web, which means anything you put out will always fit current market requirements. This means you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff.

Interested in working together? Book a free 30min discovery call.