Finally, a simpler way to help you get your message out there online

Let’s face it, creating consistent web content and social media is a pain in the ass, right?

You have too many ideas

You’ve got a lot you want to share, but you’re not sure how to pull these from your head and turn them into content.

You can’t find the time

You’ve got a business to run and a hectic client schedule, so the last thing you need is to feel stressed about doing marketing.

You can’t stick at it well

You start off well, but soon realise there’s more to do than you’d planned for, so start to lose interest and motivation.

You can’t explain things

You know your business and processes well, yet trying to put these into words is more difficult than you’d imagined.

You lack the willpower

You didn’t go self-employed to edit video or work on social media all day. Your passion is to help people succeed, not this.

You’re losing downtime

You’re starting to work longer hours than normal to get your marketing done, time you really want to spend with loved ones.

What if you could get all the content you needed, but without doing the tedious work yourself? My services are the answer.

You could have social media posts published on a daily basis! You could get your videos uploaded fast! You could get your web copy finished. You’d never miss a beat being online. I can turn your ideas into finished content quickly. My name’s Tom Wong, your content creative. 

What clients say

I pay attention to reliability, trust and the final result. Tom was very easy to work with, attentive, professional and welcoming from the beginning. These small details make a big difference.


Tom really wants the best for you and cares about your work. You will get the truth and not something sugar-coated. You will get a thorough, honest service well worth the investment.


Tom is very good at rephrasing sections to make them more punchy and to pare away unnecessary verbiage. Tom was able to suggest improvements to make my copy clearer.


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